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Toilet Support Accessories

Using the toilet shouldn't be an ordeal - it's something we need to do every day. At Easylife our goal is to make sure that daily activities like this are easy, comfortable and painless. For people who need support getting on and off the toilet we stock support frames, as well as portable, raised toilet seats that can be used at home and while you're away. Our products are tailored to help people with different needs and to ensure that all customers find the very best option for their specific situation. Customised toilet seats make sitting down and standing up easier for those with mobility issues and can be attached to the existing seat without difficulty. Portable support frames can also be a huge help, and at Easylife we have a range of options that are height-adjustable and lightweight - a perfect accessory for someone who needs a bit of stabilisation. We believe that everyday tasks like using the toilet should be accessible to everyone and aim to make that possible with our well-designed support accessories.