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Moisture in the air can lead to problems with damp, mould, and mildew in your home. Prevent that from happening with effective dehumidifiers from Easylife. Musty smells, mould, and mildew have no place in your home. Remove the moisture in the air that leads to those problems with reliable and effective dehumidifiers from Easylife. Britain's notoriously damp climate means there's usually a high level of moisture in the air. That coupled with the warmth in your home creates the perfect conditions for destructive and unhealthy mould and mildew. A good quality dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air, making it next-to impossible for mould and mildew spores to germinate and grow in your house. The Compact Pelter Dehumidifier is unobtrusive, easy to use, and capable of removing as much as 500ml of moisture per day. Our dehumidifying eggsand dehumidifying crystals both from silica are perfect for use in cupboards, bathrooms, and basins. When full, you can dry them in the microwave and reuse them. Improve your home environment with dehumidifiers from Easylife. Check out the rest of our household and home products available at Easylife today.