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Security Lights

Dispel the darkness and detect would-be intruders with top quality home security lights from Easylife. Whether you enjoy a late night out in summer or you're in the middle of Britain's dark winters, outdoor security lights can make your life easier and more secure. Our products are easy to install, from battery-operated security lights to battery powered security lights, there's no need to fuss over wiring.

The battery-powered Light Angel switches on whenever it detects any movement, and it stays on for 20 seconds. If you need to bring more light to your entrance, garage, or shed, consider getting the Twin Beam security light which shines with 14 bright LEDs. You'll also find 8-LED wireless motion sensor lights, Wide-Angle Solar Sensor Spotlights, and other security lights in our range of products

. Let Easylife help you find your way at home.