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Car Accessories

The right car accessories and gadgets can improve your motoring experience. Clean your windows, keep your tyres at the correct air pressure, and do more with Easylife. Owning, caring for, and driving a vehicle is a pleasure with good quality car accessories and innovative gadgets from Easylife. Whether you want more support for your back or a more comfortable ride, you can achieve it cost-effectively with the right seat cushion for your needs. Choose from inflatable cushions designed to support your back, car seat booster cushions that give you more height, and quilted and padded cushions and seat covers that offer greater comfort. Use the EcoCar Dehumidifier to prevent your windscreen and windows from misting up or heat up your car quickly with a handy car heater. Clean your windscreen the easy way with the Windscreen Wonder brush or protect your vehicle from the elements with All Weather Easy-Fit Car Covers. There's nothing worse than being out on the road and realising your tyres are in need of air. Solve that the easy way with a Digital Automatic Air Compressor that plugs into your car's lighter socket.