Watches & Jewellery

You'll never be late again with Easylife's range of lifestyle watches, and with our jewellery, you'll be on time in style! Shop our range of watches for men and women and find a timepiece that suits your needs. We don't stock ordinary watches; we've got watches that do far more than just count down the hours. Our easy-to-read clear vision watch makes reading time simple, and the stretch band allows for easy on and off. You'll never have to fiddle with clasps and buckles again. If you like a bit more functionality, slip on a radio-controlled talking watch, or make use of the many features of the Alpine Army Watch - it's like a Swiss Army knife on your wrist! We also stock watches combine good looks with telling the time, and our range of jewellery perfectly complements this. You can accessorise and stay healthy at the same time too with copper and magnet bangles, or you can make looking good a breeze with cardigan clips, earring supports and pearl necklaces. Check out our range of quality and affordable Fashion products available at Easylife.