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Mobility Step

Your health and wellbeing can be improved in many different ways. Give yourself a sure footing with mobility steps you can trust from Easylife. Whether you're entering or exiting your front door, getting into or out of the bath or shower, or navigating other high steps in your home, limited mobility can make it a frightening experience. Put an end to that with good quality mobility steps suitable for every room in your home. You'll also find mobility steps you can use outdoors. Rust- and weather-resistant, the Half Step is perfBect for front, back, and patio doors. Not only is the step sturdy, it has invisible drainage holes to decrease your chances of slipping. The non-slip Safety Step mobility step is lightweight, portable, and features a hand railing. Those features make the step ideal for use in the bathroom especially if you need to climb out of a high bathtub. Reach for high cupboards, shelves, and curtain railings with confidence when you have the Non-Slip Two Step Tool.