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Batteries & Power Sockets

The batteries and power sockets you need for your home are in easy reach. Turn to Easylife for solutions that keep your appliances and gadgets running. Find the batteries and the multiple power sockets that we have available, along with the containers to keep them organised. Whether the appliances and gadgets in your home are battery operated or plug into power sockets, they're no good if you can't find the batteries you need or if every socket is already in use. Easylife has affordable solutions to those little frustrations in life. Browse our online store to find reliable AAA, AA, C, D and 9V batteries from Duracell. Use a handy battery organiser that can hold up to 98 batteries to prevent them from rolling around the drawer or cluttering up a shelf. Flat batteries are a thing of the past when you have the Battery Wizard that can recharge ordinary batteries up to 10 times each. Turn one power socket into many with the Power Tower. The sturdy tower is lightweight, and it has a carry handle, several sockets, and USB ports. Choose Easylife for affordable and reliable solutions to your power needs at home.