Lawn Maintenance

Everyone wants to have a lush, green lawn, but few manage to achieve is. Easylife has the answers you need: our large variety of lawn maintenance products make it easy to keep your grass looking great. We offer solutions that allow you to take care of your lawn without having to spend hours on it every day. Having your grass torn up by unwelcome visitors - cats, dogs, foxes - can be frustrating, but we have developed a range of products designed to keep trespassers out. Our Silent Roar solution, for example, works like a charm, repelling four-legged pests with its scent - and it's also 100% natural and non-toxic. We also stock a handy spray solution that works quickly and effectively. For keeping your lawn healthy, Easylife has a range of lawn care products that can keep your grass in excellent condition. Our natural solutions are organic and non-toxic to both people and animals and guaranteed to add nutrients to the soil. For those with artificial grass, we offer grass cleaners and specially designed rakes to keep thing