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Hoses & Watering Systems

We all enjoy basking in the summer sun and our plants do too! To balance that out, though, your plants need water, and plenty of it. When it comes to keeping your garden green, Easylife is committed to providing our customers with quality products that get the job done, including a wide range of hoses and watering systems. Whether you need a gentle sprinkling for new seedlings or a power washer to do some heavy-duty cleaning, we have solutions to meet all your needs. One thing to know about gardening is that different plants require different approaches. One common element, however, is the need for regular watering. We stock a range of hoses that come with attachments which can easily adjust the water pressure, as well as plant watering systems to deliver moisture directly to the roots of plants. Other products include sprinkler extender nozzles which can turn an ordinary watering can into a nifty mini sprinkler that offers a gentle shower to more delicate plants. No plants can live without water, but luckily Easylife has al