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Solar Garden Lights

Taking care of your garden and outdoor spaces is easy with our impressive range of solar garden lights. You don't need power or wired lights to give your garden a welcoming warm glow. You can rely on the power of the sun to recharge your bulbs and give you bright light, night after night. Plus, the light is free - there are no energy costs whatsoever. At Easylife we stock functional and fun solar garden lights that you and your family will love. Our bumble bee solar string of lights creates a wonderful welcoming glow, and our glowing solar owl not only looks wonderful, but it also scares off pests too. If you need a bit more illumination, our solar lanterns are a great option and they look like flickering flame torches, only without the risk of fire. We also stock colour changing LED solar lights that look great lining a pathway, and decorative spinners that feature solar lights too. Easylife's solar garden lights make illuminating your garden an absolute pleasure. Browse our range of plants and decorative accessories to really transform your garden.